"Internet Security must be a vital part of your online strategy towards a secure working environment"

By establishing rules and regulations against attackers of websites to guard online data, the risk of an intrusion can be minimized. Among others, a strong online security program aims to guard the boundary of vulnerable passwords or E-mail 'Click-bait' vs. Active Security Management.

By using different methods and approaches, internet security can be enhanced, fight off hacker-attacks, from known or unknown sources. By tracking these online attacks, we create the opportunity to actively black-list online attackers and take extra measures in case of emerging unknown patterns.

The silent comfort of reliable Maintenance & Security

- Maximize the security of your online data & Apps;
- Creates a trust-band between your client and your company;
- Guarding client-privacy has to be maximized;
- Active Tracking of online attacks;
- Data-backup: "Just do it".

"A serious matter—how i still see people using their cat's name as a password. Skipped a lesson there?"


Maintenance & Security Plan objective?

Peace of mind. Period.


Our (CMS) Web Maintenance & Security Plans


TRY: 'Rooky'


CMS & Script Updates Website Backup Update 2x Month

USD 64,- p/m* Request


MORE: 'Basic & Business'


All of 'ROOKY'
+ Secure HTTPS Web Hosting Email Backup Update 8x Month

USD 128,- p/m* Request


All of 'BASIC'
+ Plugin Updates New Plugin Install Email Setup Update Daily
USD 256,- p/m* Request


or TRY: 'Advanced'



CMS & Script Updates New Plugin Install Website Backup Plugin Updates Email Backup Email Setup Update Daily
+ Periodical Password Refresh Website Recovery ! Content Updates ! Website Firewall ! 24/7 Support ! Security² ! BackUp² !
USD 512,- p/m* Request

* Prices Excl. Added Tax

   Billed Quarterly

   Conditions apply

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